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Team Building

Team building and stress management.


Art Farmer can create a team event especially for your workplace, creative collaboration exercises where your team works together to create a workplace masterpiece that you will be proud to display in your office or boardroom.


Modern, abstract, even a Banksy inspired street art masterpiece can be created by your team. Some of our sessions are painting or you can combine painting with photographic processes, we can even include your company logo for something extra special.


Creativity is the best way to address negativity and open channels of communication. Helping your team to achieve a sense of satisfaction, cooperation and connectiveness. Our team building sessions are delivered by our inhouse artist Kirsti and Sandy our resident Psychologist.

Team build your way


Guided Abstract – My Happy Place

Want to treat your team to a super stress buster, have some fun and get the creativity flowing? Limit the incidence of stress in the workplace and give your team some amazing tools to promote positivity.

This guided session will help your team to explore and express their happiest memories, places and people in a unique abstract artwork. 

This meaningful and uplifting artwork creation will connect your team to their happy place as meaningful stress management technique.


The Hive – Communication Pathways

This session is super fun, and your team will really enjoy this creative collaboration exercise. We combine a fun artistic challenge that will also explore the communication pathways in your workplace. This is an amazing opportunity for your team to discover so much more about how they connect to their own team, how to reconnect staff working from home and increase customer interaction.

Your team will work together and separately to create ‘The Hive” a representation of their workplace, skills and how they interact with others. This session will give your team the opportunity to review their role and responsibilities and how discuss their personal communication style when connecting with the workplace, fellow team members and customers.

This session runs for approximately 5hrs and includes lunch and can be delivered to teams of between

Banksy Us – Creative Collaboration

Just have a ball, work together and get the creative juices flowing. Have a crazy fun time creating a masterpiece with your team, planning and creating this Banksy inspired street art masterpiece. This creative process starts with some inspiration, creative collaboration, some photography and the production of the artwork. Your team will love this exercise and the finished artwork is guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

For more information or to make a booking email or call us.

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