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open expression

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Create your way with Open Expression 

Struggling to find space to be creative at home or would like to work on a larger project.  Perhaps you are more productive with a dedicated time and space and you would  prefer some social interaction. Art Farmer is all about creative togethering.

At Art Farmer we have our open expression sessions - Monday – Wednesday -Thursday and Friday from 11am -4pm Book a bench $20 for 4hrs - all paints are included and you can purchase the canvas size you prefer from $25.

Teaching Space - What to teach a class and looking for a great venue, our studio is available for hire, by the hour. Contact us for pricing and availability.

Group pricing available for Art and Craft social groups.


Call Kirsti at Art Farmer for more details.

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Artist Space

Preparing for an exhibition is a challenge, my work space and storage space are never large enough. Taking space at Art Farmer gave me more room to paint and I could work on multiple pieces and because I have allocated that studio time, I was able to focus my full attention to my work.

Great space with good energy, thanks Peter.

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